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HIPEX is one of the leading supplier/manufacturer for a variety of plastering and decorating tools in China.Our product range includes:Abrasive polishing products,Plastering tools,Painting tools and Drywall tools,etc.With 20 years experience in searching,developing, manu- facturing and selling,We have owned 6 main factories as well as established very firm business relations with hundreds of factories.Our aim is to give our customers any solution of DIY tools,besides we dedicate to offer our customers"One-stop purchase"in China. 
 We always supply our customers with"H"products-High Quality,High Performance and High Grade.The credit of our products goes to our customers in Russia,East-Europe West-Europe,South America and Africa.
Adhering to ISO 9002 management guidelines,we always insist on strict QC system for every item and every.   
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Contact Us

Company Name:  Hipex Industrial products Co.,Ltd.Hunan

                             Hipex International(shanghai) Co., Ltd

Address:  4th Floor International Commerce Center,Jintai Square,Yuanda Road(E) Changsha Hunan,China 410001

Tel:  +86-731-84771076,84770177,84770178

Fax:  +86-731-84770179

Company Name:  Hipex International(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd

Address:  12A Room Jia Li Tower NO.2-1228 YanAn Road(W) Shanghai China 200052

Tel:  +86-21-80126295,80126296

Fax: +86-21-80126296

Contact person:  Mr.Frank Li

Email:  frankli@hipex-tools.com



Website:  www.pprrh.icu

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